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The Mission and the Business Change Services

The strategic Mission of Business Change is to support SMEs to develop at international level, expanding the market horizons, reducing the purchase costs and selecting middle managers to develop the business organization.

Business Change collaborates with important international organizations and partners. He has selected Chinese staff all around China to get the best results and improvements in company performance.

It differs from other organizations for the experience of the international staff. For the completeness of the services it can propose thanks to the collaborations with primary companies also for the strategic project it can offer for the improvement of business performances.

The Mission and the Business Change Services

Element very important for the companies is Quality. In this Business Change has as a characteristic of excellence the qualification of the selected suppliers. Characteristic that guarantees excellent performance levels.

Business Change works with personalized programs. After a coaching session where the customer’s targets s are identified.

The services that Business Change offers are:

  • The search for suppliers and business partners in China
  • Worldwide customers for any product network;
  • Research and selection of personnel for medium-high profiles;
  • The opening of companies in Albania, in collaboration with Albanian chambers of commerce.

Business Change offers advice and a range of services for internationalization. and proposes a strategic-operational model designed specifically for SMEs.

It is a system composed of a set of services and activities. Target is recruiting business partners abroad and exporting the products of customer companies.

The Mission and the Business Change Services

To do business today you have to change the old patterns and implement new processes. A forward-looking company must think in a perspective of internationalization to remain competitive in the global market.

To be competitive on international markets is an unavoidable challenge in a selective context such as the globalized economy.

The Mission and the Business Change services

Today, especially as a result of the economic crisis, increase the request of SMEs to developing their business on foreign markets.

The consultancy approach of business Change puts the customer company at the centre of the internationalization process with specificities and objectives. Help the company to achieve the growth path abroad successfully.

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The Mission and the Business Change services