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Customer Search for Export | Business Change

Each Business Change project is designed and personalized. Therefore, after an initial analysis of customer requests, Business Change carries out:

  • A targeted research, contacting directly agents and prospective customers only of the specific sector and finding the most suitable and interested in the customer’s commercial proposal;
  • A selection, identifying the most suitable customer according to the interest shown and the specific characteristics of the research;

A contact, placing them in direct contact with the customer to carry out a period of verification “in the field”.

Customer Search for Export | Business Change

Business Change plans and organizes in a professional way the exports, the promotion, the customer research and the sale abroad through:

  • Scouting – is the research activity of new international customers,
  • The accreditation of marks on international distribution,
  • The Incoming-is the hospitality for international clients, who come to Italy,
  • The market specialist-the expert who joins the company for the identification and selection of potential customers.

Business Change provides an effective and efficient service. In fact, together with the signature of the contract Business Change provided the first contact of customers interested in the purchase of products/services of the company customer. This proves clear that the Business Change Team works transparently.

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Customer Search for Export | Business Change

To do business today you have to change the old patterns and implement new processes. A forward-looking company must therefore reason in a perspective of internationalization to remain competitive in the global market.

Being competitive on international markets is an unavoidable challenge in a selective context such as the globalized economy.