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Search and Personal Selection | Business Change

Research and selection of personnel, with a unique and indispensable objective: to identify talents able to bring to the company a concrete added value in terms of ROI and business growth.

Business Change operates with professionalism and confidentiality. Carry out Human Resources research for professional profiles. We do Head Hunting activities in order to select talents for the development of the business.

Search and Personal Selection | Business Change

He collaborates with a primary Head Hunting company. With selection consultants and Head Hunter specialized professionals, operating for years in the field according to the Code of Professional ethic.

The professional Business Change divisions are articulated in:

  • Middle Management,
  • Top Management,
  • Temporary Management,
  • International Search.

The areas of Business Change Expertise are articulated in:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering & manufactoring
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Digital & New Media
  • Export & Sales
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Pharma & Medical
Search and Personal Selection | Business Change

The geographic areas of competence are northern Italy, Europe and the world.
We operate a success fee. That is, our fee is paid only if the candidate selected in the company’s workforce is inserted.

Business Change does not require any deposit or exclusive mandate.

Nothing is due to the vision of the curricula and to the interviews with the candidates.

Business Change provides a guarantee regarding the placement of the candidate. The substitution of the resource no needs additional cost. In the event of a non-overrun of the test period governed by the reference CCNL.

Search and Personal Selection | Business Change

Scouting activities are carried out (research profiles of interest in target companies) in order to find the best talents present on the market.

The research and traditional selection activity provides a first acknowledgement within 7 days of the date of activation search. In this first phase you provide an alignment relative to the current selection and possibly, depending on the profile you are researching, you can already provide your first feedback.

The selection is generally completed within 15-20 working days of the appointment.

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Search and Personal Selection | Business Change